3 Soap Bars: Morning, Noon and Night Sample Pack

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Ready to start your day? Wake up your entire body to the sweet citrusy aroma of zesty Lemongrass. Giving your pores a deep clean with its antimicrobial benefits to start your day head on. Continue your lucky strike by grabbing a sudsy Rosemary and Mint soap bar, herbaceous and oh so minty fresh! This uplifting bar will reduce excess oils and replenish moisture loss from your skin. And As the day comes to an end the crisp floral tones of Lavender are ready to calm and de-stress you preparing you for a well-deserved good night’s rest.


Our lemongrass soap is made with high-quality lemongrass essential oil that delivers a number of benefits to your skin and well-being. It’s a natural analgesic so it will reduce pain and inflammation. Plus, it inhibits microbial and bacteria growth on the body, keeping you clean and healthier. It promotes toned skin, and helps purify the skin.

Rosemary Mint

The invigorating scent of rosemary and peppermint lingers on your skin long after showering. Relieve issues like itchy irritated skin while reducing puffiness and swelling. Bringing dull skin back to life one shower at a time!


Lavender oil soothes and alleviates itchy problem skin by accelerating the healing of scars and promoting the growth of healthy skin tissue. Paired with activated charcoal to further detoxify problem skin allowing for clearer days ahead.


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