Lemongrass Soap Bar


Our lemongrass soap is made with high-quality lemongrass essential oil that delivers a number of benefits to your skin and well-being. It’s a natural analgesic so it will reduce pain and inflammation. Plus, it inhibits microbial and bacteria growth on the body, keeping you clean and healthier. It promotes toned skin, and helps purify the skin.

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Reveal your natural glow and improve the appearance of stubborn blemishes with potent anti-microbial and anti-oxidizing benefits.

Simply kiss enlarged pores “buh-bye”, they don’t stand a chance against this natural astringent! Need help reducing wrinkles?

This works deep under your skin to not only reduce the appearance of wrinkles but also reduce the appearance of conditions like cellulitis.

Lemongrass also serves as a bug repellent so you can save your skin from harsh chemicals and blemishes while out with friends and family, whether you’re camping, having a barbeque, or attending outdoor events in your community. The uplifting aromatic lemongrass scent will fight depression and sluggishness, as you’ll inhale the scent and find a new level of heightened awareness.

Lemongrass Soap Product Details

Nobody wants skin problems, especially dryness, and irritation, and uncomfortable feeling, right after washing with soap. Luckily, our natural soap is crafted to lessen, if not completely alleviate these common skin problems.

Have sensitive skin? Our rich lemongrass soap lather will gently exfoliate your skin to minimize irritation. And since our natural handmade soap is chemical free, it’s also free from irritants that may do more harm than good.

Lemongrass Soap Ingredients

Our lemongrass soap bar is non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals:

  • – All natural soap base (olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil)
  • – Lemongrass essential oil to prevent skin irritation and purify skin
  • – The aromatic lemongrass scent uplifts spirits and fights depression
  • – Naturally occurring glycerin to attract moisture to your skin

Lemongrass Soap Benefits

Lemongrass oil, coupled with olive oil and other natural oils, are potent ingredients for natural skin care. It aids in taming and decongesting of pores. These natural ingredients also act as a toner, helping to minimize pores and tone the tissues and muscles. In addition, it naturally protects skin from bug bites and blemishes.

To keep skin looking young, it naturally exfoliates the skin. Use this product as a bath soap to maximize the rejuvenating benefits of a natural essential oil soap for your skin.

Our lemongrass handcrafted soap is lightly scented with hints of sweet citrus fragrance, which calms, soothes, and relieves stress. By adding a lemongrass oil soap to your skin care regimen, you could have a fresh spa or aromatherapy experience right in your own home!

With regular use of this product, you’ll notice significant changes your face and body. You’d also love the glow and radiance lemongrass bar soap is about to leave your skin.

But the benefits of lemongrass soap don’t stop there. It’s proven to bear health care benefits. It also works as a natural deodorant, ideal for people with very active lifestyle. The reason is that lemongrass oil inhibits microbial and bacterial growth on the body. It’s compatible with all skin type (combination, dry, or oily skin), too, thanks to its natural essential oils (palm oil and coconut oil) that are rich in Vitamin E and water-soluble antioxidants and 100% hypoallergenic.

Feeling sluggish and lethargic lately? Try this natural lemongrass soap bar to heighten your awareness and uplift your mood.

Natural Lemongrass Soap Suits All Types of Skin

One skin type varies from another, but our lemongrass handcrafted soap is safe to use regardless. Our soap recipes are our own, and we delicately handmade each soap using the cold process to be gentle to even the most sensitive skin. Cold process is a soap-making method that involves a short prep time and a long cure time. The long cure time is necessary to produce soaps with first-rate quality.

Lemongrass handmade all natural soap is a great addition to your skincare routine. If you’re having problems with rough, bumpy, cracking, or dry skin, a natural soap such as the lemongrass soap is worth giving a try. Ditch your chemical-based bar soap and go ‘au naturel’ with a handmade soap made from lemongrass extract. Your skin will surely thank you!


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