Cedarwood Oatmeal Soap Bar

Cedarwood Oatmeal Soap Bar


Don’t bear with dry skin, acne, or skin infection. Vida’s Cedarwood soap will leave your skin smooth, as if you have moisturizer on.

  • All natural soap base that’s made up of olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil
  • Natural occurring glycerin attracts moisture and softens skin
  • Rich, luxurious lather for thorough skin cleaning
  • 100% chemical free and non-toxic
  • Heals wounds and lightens scars
  • Oatmeal naturally moisturizes and exfoliates
  • Aromatic cedar wood scent acts as a natural sedative and relieves tension and stress

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Cedarwood Oatmeal Soap’s All Natural Ingredients

A woodsy aroma with astringent-like properties perfectly describes Vida’s Natural Cedarwood Soap. Cedarwood and oatmeal are both rejuvenating and moisturizing and helps keep skin bright, glowing, and silky smooth.

  • – Cedarwood oil acts as natural antioxidant and heals acne, wounds, and skin inflammation
  • – Oatmeal mildly exfoliates and prevents dry skin
  • – Natural cedarwood scent, not “perfumey”
  • – All natural soap base with coconut oil, olive oil, and palm oil

Why Use Cedarwood Oatmeal Soap?

Vida’s Natural Handmade Cedarwood Oatmeal Soap is combined with the goodness of oatmeal during the cold process. As such, it brings about mild skin exfoliation, rich moisturization, and well-balanced skin pH. An exfoliating soap helps in relieving itchiness in the skin. It also evens out your skin tone with regular use.

If you’re suffering from intermittent redness and irritation, cedarwood essential oil can reduce the inflammation on your skin. For people suffering from itchy seborrhoeic eczema, cedarwood oil can cure this inflammatory condition. Also, it lessens skin peeling and aids in normalizing sebum production.

If it seems like acne, wounds, scars, and fungal infection won’t leave you alone, using cedarwood as facial soap can help. It effectively prevents wounds from becoming septic. It also protects them from germs such as tetanus. Truth is, using the soap externally to wounds as an antiseptic is actually 100% safe and beneficial.

Cedarwood extract is an active ingredient for defending the body against harmful toxins. It stimulates the immune system and white blood cells and frees the body from excessive stress. This protects the body from disrupted internal functions.

Suffering from sluggishness at work? Use a woodsy scented cedarwood soap to improve your focus and brain functions.

You can prevent dry skin through this handmade soap’s natural occurring glycerin. This means it’s beneficial in keeping the much-needed moisture of the skin.

You’ll love cedarwood’s earthy scent, which helps in easing tension and stress. If you’re having trouble getting sleep, the bar soap acts as a natural sedative that calms and soothes the body. Like scented soaps, cedarwood scent can be used as natural deodorant due to its aromatic nature.

A Natural Cedarwood Soap is an Excellent and Safe Addition to your Skin Care Regimen

We highly recommend the use of Homemade Cedarwood + Oatmeal soap if you’re experiencing redness, skin irritation, acne scars, skin infections, discolored skin tone, and dry ashy skin. It’s proven suitable for all skin types including normal, dry, and oily skin.

Apply Cedarwood Handmade Soap’s rich, creamy lather onto skin. Rinse thoroughly after use. For best results, use every day as facial soap or body bar.

Vida’s Cedarwood Soap recipe 100% natural ingredients including natural glycerin, cedarwood essential oil, oatmeal, and soap base that contains olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil.

Improving and treating your skin mishaps doesn’t have to be expensive or cumbersome. Simply add a natural Cedarwood  Body Bar to your usual skin care kit and you’ll experience noticeable results with regular use.

Level up your personal care routine today!


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